Shaye trained as a photographer at a fine art university, 
Savannah College of Art & Design. In her hometown of 
Savannah, Ga she uses photography as her way to channel her 
creativity,  & to aid local makers in showcasing the personality 
behind their creations.
Aside from a decade's worth of a professional photography career under her belt, Shaye grew up on the forefront of the     "i-Generation". Thanks to this, navigating the current world of online advertising is instinctive her.
With you in mind, her personal goal is to illustrate your story between two distinct styles of documentary and stylized. She's able to seize the moment as well as explore creative directing to connect you with your audience. 
Image credit: Hannah Lenaz

Shaye's work has been featured in:
Harper's Bazaar China, Satellite Journal, 
and 7 Days Photo Agency Milan Italy to name a few. 
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